Monday, August 29, 2011

We're still here!!!!!!!!

Ok I realized it has been a while since I've written anything, but I've had a rough couple of days, first the earthquake, (that I didn't feel), then Hurricane Irene ( That we weathered just fine) and then some personal stuff going on... but I didn't start this post to give you excuses of why I haven't written, NO! I've written this post to tell u that we are in our week 6, yes alredy, I have kept up with the schedule, despite all the distractions!

So For month 2, I am seeing 2 new workouts, Back and Biceps and Chest Shoulders and Triceps. Back and biceps was a good workout and I expected to be worked out  good, and also I knew I would do that one successfully, because of the muscles it's aimed at. Now lets talk about the mother of all workouts, as far as I'm concerned, Chest Shoulders and Triceps, I mean there are other workouts that make u sweat and make u short of breath and those are great, but this thing is an animal, I was worked out, in and side ways, I was beaten down the first time I did it and yesterday it kicked my buckets again and I ABSOLUTELY love it! Can't wait for it to trash me again, arms shaking and all.

In other news, going  back to month one of the Insanity workouts has showed me how far I've come and since they are shorter, they go by pretty quickly, so that's a bonus. Turbo fire keeps being the engine that moves me foward, I love fire 60 and anything Chalene, so it's a pleasure to workout to Turbo Fire.

So we still here, we still plugging along and we ain't dead yet (nor skinny in my particular case hehehehe)


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Month 2!

This week has been CRAZY for me as I started back to work teaching my preschool classes and starting month 2 of our hybrid.  Can't believe we're already in month two.  I was reminded this week of how much I LOVE Back and Biceps.  Seriously I think that's my favorite of the p90x workouts.  Thrilled was Awesome in scheduling Fire 60 for my first early back to school day.  I absolutely love that workout from Turbofire, it's the best.  I have learned in going back to work and using my bodybugg that my metabolism has gone way up since last school year.  I think I am actually at the point again that I'm not eating ENOUGH.  I need to work on trying to eat more even around my busy schedule.  My first month I did drop a couple of inches, so thus far, so good.  Looking forward to more Back and Biceps and Fire 60 in the next few weeks :)  Stretch 40 was a much loved and much needed workout this morning.   Insanity workouts, I'm struggling. Chalene has ruined me for Insanity :)  ~ShortTeacher83~

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Motivation: What is it? where do I get it?

Motivation: is the driving force by which humans achieve their goals.

Simple right? Well, aparently not so! Some of you have told me that I have great motivation, I personally don't think so, since I do my workouts faithfully but I seriously struggle with the diet portion of it all, specifically with portion control. I like to eat, I like to well and I like to eat a LOT. Sometimes I do very good sometimes not so it's a constant struggle.

So what motivates me to keep at least trying? Fear. Fear of weighing 400 lbs, (which is a very real posibility for me since I'm 6 ft tall). Fear of dying because of some complication due to obesity, up until now I have been pretty healthy but I KNOW that sooner or later being overweight would add some strain to my body. Fear of leaving my kids behind with nobody to fend for them (no offense to my husband, but we all know Mom is only one). See I'm an immigrant, I don't have a big support system in this country, my parents don't live here, I don't have sisters, my brother is here as well but in a different state, so the thought of dying and leaving my kids behind is scary and real, it would be awful in so many levels.

So that being said, no one can motivate you, u need to do that yourself, u can draw inspiration from other people, but the motivation comes from your. Whether is a size, an event or just a vision in your mind of what u want to achieve, the motivation always comes from within.. The truth is that if something is important enough for you,  you will find the time to do it. Remember that your are worth the trouble, and you cannot give to others what your don't have, if U can't take care of yourself, how do u expect to take care of others?

I have a ways to go in my journey to my goals and part of setting up this blog was to keep myself accountable, the more support you have the better. I hope to keep sharing my journey so all of u can draw some inspiration, to find the motivation to continue or start yours!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

And so Phase one is coming to an end and...

Wait.. what???? Didn't we just started this "crazy hybrid" like 2 days ago? How come we are in week 4 alredy... I guess it's true what they say, times flies when u are having fun!

These past 3.5 weeks have been awesome and nothing but a pleasure, I've enjoyed a lot the p90x workouts that were all new to me, fell even more in love with Turbo Fire... and well, I'm still not crazy about Insanity, but it's gotta be done (it's a good workout, it's a good workout, IT'S A GOOD WORKOUT!!! quit your hatin' and do it!) That's what is like to be in my head on insanity days BTW.

I haven't been tracking my progress very well, cause frankly I want to lose weight but I workout for the pleasure of it, so I REALLY don't care if I lose weight or inches too much, but I must say my pants are fitting a lil loser and my belly seems to have gone a lil down so it's good, I also feel that I'm stronger and it looks to me that my shoulders and arms a little bit more toned.

I'm extremely excited and scared at the same time for the next phase since I get to do Fire 60 which I absolutley LOVE but there is also doubles of Insanity and P90X and 3 days of Insanity, u all know how I fell about that "Wonderful workout", It's a mental game and I will probably get thru it... wish me luck... As u can see I haven't died yet!


Sunday, August 14, 2011

What's that on your arm?

That's a question that I get pretty often, specially now in the summer that I'm wearing short sleeves. It's a Bodybugg, but what exactly a Bodybugg is? Well it's a calorie management system and has to components, the first one is the one everyone sees, which is the calorie monitor. It's an armband you wear it in your upper left tricep and will record and hold data based on 4 censors that can very accuretly estimate your calorie output or burn thru out the day. The second part is a web based program in which u upload your arm bands data and also  track  your intake, (what you eat). There is also the option to buy a display that will tell u in real time how many calories are you burning  or get the latest Bodybugg system that connects to your smartphone also letting your know the calories you are burning in real time. The bodybugg also tracks steps taken and activity level.

So what the bodybugg is not? It's not a heart rate monitor, so you won't be able to know your heart rate while excersicing, but it will tell u how many calories u are burning even if u are at rest, which the heart rate doesn't do, unless u are willing to wear a chest strap.. personally I don't need a second bra. It won't  actually DO anything for you, you have to do the work, you have to burn the calories, you have to accuretly track your intake and you have to upload the data. So what does it actually DO? Well gives u INFORMATION! and as we all know information is POWER! Extrangely enough the counting the calories and tracking your calorie burn makes your free!, Yes! because by knowing exactly how many calories you are burning, you know how many u can eat and still be on track with your goals.

I absolutley love my bodybugg, and unlike the beachbody products I don't make a dime if you go to their website and buy it off this review,  But it's one of the best invesments I have made on my health. They are pricey, but as I said it's and investment, you can very well pay the same amount of money for clothes and unlike the bodybugg u won't wear them everyday. I think it's a product that better serves people that need to lose a good amount of weight, for people that need to mantain I think the information would get pretty old in 2 weeks, and I have absolutley no experience on TRYING to gain weight lol!

To sum up, The Bodybugg is a wonderful tool, if you can afford it to, to reach your goals, but keep in mind, it's only  a tool, you have to do the job!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Turbo Fire Makes Me Feel Like I'm On Fire......On Fiyah!

TurboFire is my absolute FAVORITE of the Beachbody workouts.  If I was to recommend just one workout, this would be it.  What is so great and wonderful about TurboFire you ask?  Well Thrilledmomof2 was hoping I'd keep this entry short but I could go on and on about the greatness of TF.
First off, it's a Chalene Johnson program.  As I've previously mentioned, she is my favorite of the trainers.  She's so motivating throughout all of these workouts, I really seem to connect well with her. 2nd of all, another big one for me, Variety! TF is filled with so many options.  It has a 5 day inferno plan (which I believe I lost 4 lbs on or so? I just know it worked) that you can choose to do before starting the actual program. It also has a 9 week prep for those that may feel they aren't quite ready to start the actual program.  Then the basic program is 12 weeks.  However one has the option (which I STRONGLY recommend) of buying advanced turbofire workouts.  This can add 8 more weeks on, making your program 20.  Also the advanced package comes with a hybrid calendar of TurboFire and Chalean Extreme for another 20 week program.  Thrilledmomof2 and I did the inferno plan, followed by 40 weeks of TF and TF/CE.  40 weeks later we were still wanting more Fire!!!!
Music was absolutely AMAZING. Songs were catchy, always stuck in my head and I love to randomly belt them out even now :) Chalene did a wonderful job.  Moves were fun, it's basically cardio kickboxing in rhythm to the music. Workouts were different lengths ranging from 15, 20, 25, 30, 45, 55, 60 minutes, all seemed to fly by.  The program is as intense as you make it.  HIIT training is a big part of the program where you go really hard for about a minute, then a minute rest, then go again really hard, then rest.  You just keep pushing as hard as you can (which some days were easier than others).  Another awesome thing is Alee, who shows you how to modify in every workout.  If you can't jump, or whatever, follow Alee.  Just do your very best no matter what level you are. Along w/ the cardio, there are sculpting, toning, stretch, and ab workouts.  A nice 10 minute stretch program or a 40 min one.  The 40 min one is half yoga, half stretch. Her sculpting and toning workouts are no joke. Done w/ a band that looks sweet and innocent but I will promise you that is not the case.  40 weeks I lost 15 lbs (which is fantastic for me) and 31.5 inches. We were sad to finish this program, we were excited to press play every day on this one.
As I said before, I could go on and on about this program but to cut thrilledmomof2 a little slack I'll end with this.  I LOVE Turbofire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Enoug' Said :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Is Shakeology Worth the money?

Some of u might have heard of Shakeology, some of you may have NO idea what I'm talking about. Let's start by establishing what it is exactly. Shakeology is a "patent-pending daily nutritional shake helps your body gently eliminate toxins more efficiently while allowing for better absorption of the essential nutrients you need. A proprietary blend of digestive enzymes and prebiotics helps your body progressively eliminate the toxins that build up over time from eating today's highly processed foods.

At the same time, whole-food ingredients deliver the essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals your body needs to curb cravings, allowing your body to shed stored fat while the more than 20 different antioxidants and phytonutrients help reduce free radical damage that can lead to heart disease, heart attacks, high blood pressure, and stroke*".

Shakeology also has over 70 ingredients gathered from all over the world.
"More than 70 different ingredients were chosen from around the world for their potency and bioavailability (the ability to deliver the nutrients your body needs). Here are the key nutrient groups that these ingredients deliver:*
  • Protein and Essential Amino Acids to help build long, lean muscles and reduce food cravings
  • Prebiotics and Digestive Enzymes, which aid in improving digestion, regularity, and nutrient absorption
  • Antioxidants and Phytonutrients to help counteract free radical damage that can lead to degenerative diseases
  • Vitamins and Minerals your body needs to function for
    optimal health*
So what do you do with Shakeology? Well u can have it as a snack or as a meal replacement, personally I have it for dinner mostly every night, because lunch is the biggest meal of the day, so my dinner is usually ligther.

This all sounds wonderful until you get down to the cost, I'm not going to lie, it's expensive, even if you try to rationalize it by saying it's 4 dlls a meal, which for someone that has coffees from a Coffee House or eats out often, it's not a big deal, but for someone like me, that  stays home with the kids, I rarely spend 4 dlls in a meal for myself. So why do I buy Shakeology then? Well because it's awesome! I had been working out with beachbody for over a year before I decided to try it, because the cost was outrageous to me, and I get it cheaper since I'm a coach, but still my workout buddy "shortteacher" had tried it before and hated it, however she was giving it a second chance and I had come across some extra cash so I took the plunge.  Most people worry about the taste, I don't really as I'm not a picky eater and u can add whatever u want to make shakeology more pleaseant to your tastes buds if you don't like the way it tastes, takes a little getting use to, but the taste is good seems to be the general consensus.  Another thing that I was worried about was the "cleansing" aspect of it (if u know what I mean hehehehehehe) But I wasn't so dirty inside apparently, my frecuency did increased for like 4 days the first week but after that I went back to normal. After the second week was when I started seeing the Shakeology benefit that made it all worth it for me... the cravings just STOPPED! I wasn't munching all day or antsy or wating or looking at the clock to see when was it time to eat my next meal, I ate what I had to eat and that was that, not thinking about it all day no struggle... ohhhhhhhh freeeeeeeeedom!!! Another benefit, at the end of that month, when I started to do my grocery shopping list I was amazed how much stuff I still had left, just cause I didn't eat it!!!!

So to summarize,  Shakeology is not cheap, I am a coach, I'm aware of this, it's not a necessity, u can lose weight without it, but it's sure nice to have and fills in whatever holes u may have nutritionally. Another  thing is that only comes in 2 flavors, this fall they are releasing a 3rd one, I've only tried Chocolate buy I've heard "mixed" reviews on the Greenberry flavor, so I don't think I will try that one any time soon. For me it's worth it just because it cuts cravings, making it a lot easier for me to manage my calorie intake.

Shakeology has been featured in a 8 page article on O Magazine, as a "super food", and just today I came across a CNN video featuring one of the ingredients in Shakeology as a libido booster ( I can tell you from personal experience... it works lol)

If you would like to try it and are not sure, keep in mind that there is a 30 day bottom of the bag guarantee, and if your choose HD (home delivery) you get free shipping and the workout DVD's at no extra cost. The HD can be cancelled with a quick phone call or email with no hassle.

(*Taken from  )


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Insanity: Get Fit or Get Out!

So Before I started working out consistently, I had seen the Insanity's Infomercials, and I thought that looked crazy and that I don't think I'd ever attempt something like that. Well a year and change later as Turbo Fire was nearing the and my buddy Shortteacher and I were contemplating what to do next, I came up with the idea to do Insanity, since she had done it before and absolutley LOVED it. SO I took the plunge and decided to go for Insanity, we created a Facebook group, since a few of us in the Beachbody comunnity were starting the program right around the same time. 8 of us signed in to do the program only 3 finished.

The program is structured in 2 phases and it totals 63 days. Phase one's workouts are about 40 minutes long and lasts 4 weeks after that there is a recovery week which is the same workout the 6 days of that week, next your have phase 2, that's 4 more weeks and the workouts are about 1 hr long. Personally I thought phase one was boring, don't get me wrong the workouts are amazing, and it's not like I could keep up or anything, but my problem came when it was the same 3 workouts over and over for 4 weeks. Month 2 was a little bit better for me, since I enjoyed the Max routines more and there was a 4th workout with the bonus Dvd's. This programs was very tough for me, more than physically, mentally, I had just came out of Turbo Fire and while Turbo is Intense is also FUN, The music was a huge motivation factor for me during turbo and sadly in Insanity the music was more of a background noise. Also the point of Insanity it's not to keep up with the video, but to give it your max, this was somewhat of a struggle at first since I felt like a failure for having to take breaks so often. Thru all the messages in the screen, saying that if u need so, take a break and Shaun T reminding you of the same, I understood that I didn't need to keep up with the video to get Results.

I lost around 15 lbs with the program, which was awesome. Bottom line, is Insanity crazy? Yes definitely!, Is it for everyone? In theory, yes, anyone should be able to do it at his or her own pace, but in reality, there is no one there showing u how to modify the moves that might make u uncomfortable and I really think that someone with a better fitness level will be able to  get more out or the program. Insanity it's a great workout, but I don't think I will ever repeat it as a whole, I'm still incorporating it to our schedule as I see the benefits of Max Interval training, but while I was doing the program I really struggled with pushing play everyday, and the fun factor is very important to me, if I want to stick to a routine.


Friday, August 5, 2011

P90x Reflection

I was really excited to try p90x out last summer, it being the beachbody program that 'everybody owns but nobody finishes' according to my sister.  Her husband, in the airforce, tried it and stopped saying it was 'too hard.'  So I wanted to do the program and show everyone that I could finish it.  At this pont, I'd already done SI6, Chalean Extreme, and Insanity, so I really wasn't worried about sticking to the program.  I chose to do the doubles version, which adds a cardio workout along w/ the regular classic schedule.

Some thoughts on the program in general:  Variety!  This program though it doesn't have as much variety in workouts as some of the others I've done, it has way more variety then say SI6 or Insanity. I have a hard time doing the same workouts over and over, so the variety of workouts was a plus for me.  True to what I'd heard, this workout was tough.  I can't do pull ups so I use the bands for those.  Push-ups are also a huge struggle for me.  But I loved the legs, shoulders, and arm workouts, along w/ the kenpo.  I enjoyed plyo as well, except compared to anything in Insanity it was soooooooo slow.  However for most ppl, this is probably a better starting point w/ plyo  than rushing right into insanity :)  I did have good results w/ the program.  I gained a couple lbs the first month which I'm thinking was due to muscle and water.  The last month I lost 10 lbs the last 2 weeks of the program, and a total of 10 inches.

My complaints of the program would have to be the length.  I did it in the summer just because I knew I'd have more time.  But each workout was about an hour long with Yoga being an hour and a half.  Speaking of Yoga, I honestly HATED that workout and only got through the disc probably 2 times.  I was very new to yoga and for some reason dont have the patience for it.  So 93 minutes was excruciating for me.  I did enjoy the last half if I could ever get through the first. Yes I do realize the importance of yoga and I make sure I get in at least some, but I'd prefer Chalene's stretch 40 any day.  I'm glad I was already committed to working out when I started p90x. The videos being so long, time consuming, and it really gets you sore, I could see why a lot of ppl start but never finish.  As for Tony Horton himself, he's definitely in good shape and he's put together a great workout.  His weight lifting technique is different from Chalene's which really aggravated me especially at first, but I'm always resistant to change :)  He's very corny and just talks and talks and talks and jokes throughout the entire videos. Some people love his jokes, to me I'm reminded of 11 yr old boys.  I'm a Chalene girl all the way though, I love the way she motivates throughout her workouts so anyone has a hard time competing against her.
Bottom line, is p90x a great program? Yes definitely!  Does it work? If you put the time (definitely a big commitment here) and effort you will for sure get results.  For a beginner? It's possible but I'd recommend something a little less time consuming to start out w/.  Am I glad I did it? for sure, and I'm enjoying it more this time around in the hybrid w/ TurboFire and Insanity.  Weird how for me, I'm liking Insanity less than the first time and p90x more.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Review of Chalean Extreme

As shortteacher said, this week we decided to share out thoughts on some of the beachbody programs we have done already, It's now turn for  Chalean Extreme. This was my first program and I decided to do that one because it was mainly strength training and not too much cardio. The program is 90 days and it's structured in 3 phases, Burn, Push and Lean.

The First 4 weeks you start with Burn, this is 3 circuits, and you do each one of them once a week, the other 2 days of the schedule is completed with 2 cardio routines, and ab workout and a stretch/yoga class. The burn circuits are about 35 minutes long and you do upper an lower body work at the same time. The second month is the Push phase, also 4 weeks, in this phase Chalene switches gears and makes you lift VERY HEAVY, also you don't work upper and lower body at the same time, it's rather a body part at a time, the cardio, and yoga it's the same through out the whole program, however on week 6, Chalene introduces a more advance ab routine about 5 mins longer than the previous one and trust me those 5 more minutes feel like 5 minutes.... under water!!!!!!!
 The final 4 weeks it's the  LEAN circuit, here your go back to the combination workouts ( upper and lower body) and relatively ligther weights, but the workouts are longer and all of them will require core use, this month also you will see the most results. The last month workouts are brutal! But so much fun.

I lost around 9 inches off my waist,  5 inches off each thigh, it was wonderful. It's a very good program and it''s good for every fitness level, the workouts are not too long and your are only required to workout 5 days a week, I loved it so much that I hybrid it with Turbo fire!
Chalene Johnson is a VERY good instructor, explains the set up, the exercise and also educates you on what part of the body is going to work, what is supposed to feel like, all of that while motivating your without sounding corny or fake.
This workout got me hooked on working out, not only did I lose lbs and inches but I created the habit of working out and that was worth all the money, all the sweat and all my time. I only have positive things to say about Chalean Extreme, if you are looking to start a workout program, to get in shape, to tone your body, and your are a busy person, maybe have little kids (like I do) Chalean Exteme is the PERFECT option!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Reflection on Slim In 6

Thrilledmomof2 thought it would be a nice idea for us to go back and reflect over previous workouts we've done.  Slim in 6 by Debbie Siebers was my first introduction to Beachbody.  I started this in June of '09 and I really loved the program.  In looking back at an old blog from when I was doing the program I noticed changes pretty quickly.  My flexibility increased within just 2-3 workouts.  I also noticed inches lost rather quickly as well. SI6 was an amazing workout both for my legs and my arms.  It worked the triceps pretty well. I remember a friend leaning over at me at church and saying "wow Sara your arms are getting toned!" I also was getting back into shirts that had gotten too tight for me.  I LOVE the Slim and Limber and still like to use that when I need a good quick stretch video.

Some other thoughts on SI6, it's a great beginner workout.  It's also a great 'between programs' kinda workout.  It's nowhere near as intense as the workouts I do now, but it also works well if i'm trying to give my body a bit of a rest and just get some overall toning in.  It is challenging to do for a full 6 weeks, as there's only a few workouts so it does get pretty repetitive.  Some people do well w/ that, I don't.  I did it again about a year later and enjoyed the workout, just didnt do the full 6 weeks, I probably did about 3-4.  It is however a great program, and I'd love to eventually get slim series and add those dvds in.  It is a program I'd recommend, especially for anyone that has to watch their intensity or anyone just getting into working out consistently.