Meet Thrilledmomof2

I was always the biggest one ANYWHERE, not only I was always "chubby' But I grew up to be 6ft tall and that didn't happen overnight, so all of my life I was told I was "big boned". I never really hated working out, in fact I always did and the first time I joined a gym I was around 12, my problem was lack of consistency and didn't find anything  I really love that kept me going back for more. I started dieting at about 14, and the lowest weight I hit was when I was 15 and the scale read 210 lbs, of course at the time I was NOT happy with that number ( would kill for it right about now, but that's another topic hehehe). Anyway My weight always hovered around 240-250 as an adult. I tried every diet in the world, Atkins, low fat, portion control, walking, the gym and anything and every trick you could imagine, and although I didn't have any problem losing the weight, it would always come back. Thru all of this I've always had, thanks God, relatively good health and my eating habits are not the worst since I don't like to eat out and I don't enjoy sweets, my problem is portion control.

In 2006 I was blessed for the first time with my first son but during that pregnancy I ate anything and everything I could put my hands on and ended up gaining 50 lbs, I only lost around 10 with the delivery and by the time the baby was one I had balloned back to my 40 wks pregnancy weight, so I weighted the same I did when I was 9 months pregnant a yr later. During that time I found a study was being done about weight loss at the hospital were I use to see my doctor and I enrolled. They had among other things education with a nutritionist, she thought me about portion control and how to read labels, I managed to lose 40 lbs in 3 months by just walking, but again life got in the middle and By 2009 when I got pregnant with my 2nd child I had gained 25 lbs back of what I had lost. The second pregnancy  I had learned my lesson and although I was heavier to begin with the second time around I managed to gain 27 lbs, it wasn't easy and I went hungry many times during the pregnancy, but I didn't want to end up with like 400 lbs or something!. After my son was born, I was back at my full term weight within 3 months, and I started thinking that I was 28 yrs old (at the time) and had 2 little boys to take care of, and then  I thought that if I kept gaining weight, by the age of 40 I might not be able to walk, I literally saw my self with a walker and then thought if something happened to me and my 2 kids and my husband have to take care of me because I couldn't get off my arse and shut my mouth, I would NEVER forgive myself.

And so it was time to do something, but what? I couldn't go to the gym with a newborn and a toddler home, walking outside is fine, as long as it's not winter and plus I can push a stroller but the toddler will certainly get tired. So a friend of mine had told me about how she loved "Hip Hop abs" that she ordered right of an infomercial and how it really worked! and I starting to research on home videos, I stumbled across Beachbody and saw that they had a lot of options. I had seen the p90x infomercials but 1hr a day 6 days a week with 2 small kids seemed unrealistic to me, what I did know is that I wanted to do something with weights, I had always felt better and quicker results while I'm lifting weights and plus at 308 lbs cardio sounded like a nightmare and so that's where Chalean Extreme got my attention, 5 days a week 40 minutes a day! and mostly weights. I started searching for reviews on the program, and while everyone praised the program itself, what caught my attention was everyone raving on how Chalene Johnson was able to motivate your thru the T.V. Screen, how u would want to come back "hang out with her", so I decided to do that one. Best decision ever no only did I see awesome results ( lost 9 inches of my waist in 3 months!!!) but I was totally addicted to workout. Was during that time that I started to talk to "shortteacher83" she was doing p90x at the time but had done Chalean Extreme, so I was most interested on her experience and stalked her during my Chalean Extreme round. Turbo Fire was beign release, it was a Chalene Johnson program, but it was mostly cardio, I was on the fence about it.. But "shortteacher83" convinced me and plus there was a modifier so whatever i couldn't do, I could modify,  We ended up doing 40 weeks of Turbo Fire and it's hybrid with Chalean Extreme, and then decided to go for Insanity, we just finished that one and came up with this crazy idea of mixing the P90x with Turbo Fire and Insanity in a doubles schedule. So far I've lost around 70 lbs thru all of this and Now we r hoping to take it to the next level with this new schedule, hopefully you'll join us in this road!