Saturday, September 3, 2011

Not as Fat as I think I am

So we are plugging along in the middle of month two.  As for lbs on the scale I haven't lost much.  Inches as of last month I'd only lost 1.5.  Being the crazy hybrid that it is and knowing from my first experience w/ p90x itself, most of my results will probably come month 3 or even right after on recovery week.  So I'm not fretting over it right now.  However in general, I'm learning that I really am not as fat as I feel like I am.

One of my friends has recently started selling Avon and she's sent me some catalogs and links to her website.  So I started flipping through one, and came across this outfit that I found really cute, so on a whim I ordered it.  It arrived yesterday so of course I tried it on.  It included a brown sweater, super cute brown boots, and..denim leggings.  A popular style nowadays but one I've always avoided and never thought much about cuz I'm too fat to pull off something cute like that.  I'm more of a bootcut jeans kinda girl, those skinny jeans and leggings are for the thin girls.  I pulled them out of the box and they looked SO tiny.  Still, I put them on.  They fit! And they were super comfortable.  However still nervous about seeing them in the mirror, I put on the boots and the sweater as well, then I walked over to the mirror.  The same mirror that 99% of the time tells me how fat I am.  This time around I felt like I actually looked GOOD.  WHAT????!!!!! 

This morning as I'm preparing to do my workout (yes, I am ashamed, I get behind and end up doing workouts on Saturday), I throw on a pair of my workout pants.  When they were on, I remembered how super tight they used to be not all that long ago for this particular pair. And I realized how loose and baggy they've become. 

Yes, my weight loss may be super slow.  The number on the scale may take weeks or even months to drop a noticeable amount. But the inches and clothing are showing the real truth.  It's happening.  All those styles that I used to think were cute but I could never pull off? Maybe it's time to start checking some of them out.  I don't have to shop at the plus size stores anymore.  Yes I have a long way to go but I've also come a long way. Although I still see that same fat girl in the mirror that I always have, that's really not who I am anymore.

I can do hard crazy workouts like our hybrid. I will do Asylum, I will do p90x2.   Though it may not happen all at once, I will get skinny.  I'm doing it now. Or, I will just Die Tryin'.  Have you seen those previews for p90x2????