Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Focust T25 - Lower Focus

And Last but not Least! Drum Roll.... Lower Focus!

Again, appropriately named, this one is so baaad that is gooooooooood, will work that lower body like a mutha! You go thru a series of lunges, squats, lunges and squats , squalunges... you get the point. I really like this one, It gets  you pouring sweat from your head while working your legs!
I like the pace of the workout, and the speed of the changes in them, you never get bored of one move, but you are there long enough to feel the BURN.

This one is gonna have you begging for mercy and at the same time asking for more! Be sure to follow Shaun's instructions as to how to do a proper squat and lunge, in order to protect your knees. Like all the other workouts, there is the modifier in case you need her and it's also 25 minutes top to bottom. Overall this is my favorite of the series so far, at the time of this post I am going into week 5, the final week of the Alpha phase, so  in the next few weeks I will be reviewing the workouts in the second phase, Beta.

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