Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Beachbody Ultimate Reset - The Review

Well, since I am just staring Phase 2, Beta of Focus T25, let's switch gears a little bit and  let me share my experience with a program I did a little while ago ( November 2012), The Beachbody Ultimate Reset. This program promises that if followed, it will reset your body to it's "Factory Settings"

The  Ultimate Reset, it's a 21 days  program, in which you take a series of supplement and follow an strict diet of recipes provided, It comes with a kit, with all the supplements you will need, a  book with the recipes and a schedule in which you are to take said supplements. Also you are required to drink distilled water for the 21 days and avoid strenuous workouts, only light yoga and walking are recommended.

The program is divided in 3 phases, Reclaim , Release, and Finally Restore. In phase 1 you will start to eliminate animal products of any kind, that means, fish, eggs, meat, poultry and dairy. When you move on to phase 2, you continue to refine your diet, at this point you are eating  a completely vegan diet, By phase 3, you have also eliminated all grains and you are basically left with fruits and vegetables. The purpose of the cleanse is to lower the inflammation for your body and get your body's PH to an alkaline state.

Now on to my personal experience. This program was tough! I mean not only are you cutting several groups of foods from your diet, but your are eating very little calories, around 1000 a day, this done to give your digestive system a rest and allow the other systems of your body to cleanse themselves. There is no regular shakeology allowed, only Vegan and at the time I did it, they had not come out with the "Reset in a crunch"  version, which simplifies the  cooking, for those short in time , so I was doing Dishes left and right, Always cooking (more on that later). The beginning is the hardest, many people report headaches, usually from caffeine withdrawal,  Since I don't drink coffee or soda, I didn't experience that, I was dizzy!  Oh the Dizziness, cloudy mind and overall weirdness! But after a couple of days it started to get better, although I felt  more or less dizzy the whole 21 days, in my case I think it was because of the lack of calories. My favorite week was phase no. 2, that's where I felt comfortable with the recipes, I am not a carnivore, and I am slightly  lactose intolerant. Phase 3 was very hard, as there is more fruit and salads than you can almost bear!

Ok, after all the whining, the question stands... Was it worth it? The answer is a resounding YES! What did I learn during the reset? Remember I mentioned that I was slightly Lactose intolerant? I learned that during the reset, I never knew your tummy could feel so good, without pain, colic, gas or  the feeling of knots forming inside, I thought all of that was "normal" up until the reset, where I felt so good inside that was a revelation to me! Another lesson? I actually LIKE to cook with tons of colors in my meals.... never knew that, I always thought I just didn't like cooking, not true, I enjoy chopping 300 different vegetables and  making a meal out of it, the more colors the better! I was introduced to several new things and to this day I have never bought dressing again, there are some AMAZING salad dressing recipes in the reset, that has allowed me to enjoy more my  greens, guilt free! Ah also I lost 15 lbs or so.

Was I perfect? NOPE, I cheated couple of times here and there,  Would I do it again? Yes! Can't wait,  Right now I am on my  weight loss journey and once I am done, or closer to my goal, I will do the reset one more time!

If you are ready to do the  Ultimate Reset,  have questions or are already doing the program and need support and encouragement  please contact me through email, or find me on my  Facebook  page and follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@salba3716)


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